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the Alive & Fearless Tribe helps you...update your BTEK, Break the chain of 5P Influence and Behave Regret-Free to Empower the alive & fearless You that you are born to be!

When you join the Tribe,
Happiness Goes Up.

You understood the Alive & Fearless 3-core concepts… what’s next? Just understanding the concepts doesn’t help you transform. It’s time to take action and implement the Alive & Fearless Framework in your life & business.

Join The

Join us on the 21 - Day FREE transformation journey and start watching the online courses to update BTEK.

Make The

With the support of your coaches and tribe members, start making small changes in your Mindset & Daily Routine.

Feel The

When you behave regret free and empower the Alive & Fearless You, the feeling of love, peace and happiness grows.

How does it work?

To design a Life You Love and change your current life circumstances, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Alive & Fearless Tribe provides a Proven Process, Mindset Reprogramming, Active Community and Expert Mentorship.

Update BTEK

We update our smart devices, but what about upgrading the software that runs our life? Our Mind (BTEK). When was the last time you invested in it?

Online courses and weekly meets will help you update your BTEK and learn the new way. The old way will help you survive, but to build a life and business you love, you need to learn a new way...

Change 5P Influence

It's hard to change and transform when your are surrounded by the same people who influence you and pass on their limitations.

Break the chain of 5P limitations... Get connected with your coaches, mentors and fellow tribe members who will support and inspire you in your transformation journey. You are not alone!

Behave Regret Free

The bad habits, regretful behaviours, negative thinking and poor emotional state only makes the artificial you more stronger.

Learn how to convert your rotten behaviour into a ripe behaviour....and behave your best.

Empower The Alive & Fearless You

Behaving your best is not limited to one act or must keep empowering the Alive & Fearless You on daily a basis to make it stronger.

Empowerment meets and activities will constantly help you shrink the artificial and empower the Alive & Fearless You.

WHAT members SAY

I have done many programs in TATA, but I have not done such kind of a program in the past. This is altogether a different event because this is having a structured process, and this kind of process no one will teach you.

Mr. Balkrishna Kulkarni, Project Manager

Amazing program

Amazing program. It has changed my life. You will never come to know what life is actually about until you do this. Too good!

Rupal Sanghvi

Family Business Owner

I feel complete from within

This program helped me a lot to get open up in front of people. Actually express my emotions and get over my Fears. I feel an energy, confidence and happiness. And I feel complete from within. Thank you so so so much!

Dr Nupur Kanchan


A perfect gift for myself!

I did this training to find out tools and techniques to make my life better. After the training, I discovered what and how to live a better life. A perfect gift for myself!

Huzefa R

Software Engineer

What Makes The Alive & Fearless Tribe Different? 

The Alive & Fearless Tribe is focused on helping you getting in touch with who you are and not on materialistic goals. We believe that once you get in touch with your true self (The Alive & Fearless You), results you want will eventually follow... without compromising your happiness, health or identity.

Step-by-step process

This is not about motivation and pep-talks. Alive & Fearless is like starting your education from Nursery, where we teach everything you need to know to get the results you want! It's a step by step process to reclaim who you are born to be!

The Right Environment

It's hard to change your life and thought process in the same environment. Surround yourself with people who are on a mission to build a life and business they love without compromising their happiness, health or identity.

Ongoing Mentorship From Coaches

No matter how good a book or cousre is, you'll always have questions. Get access to weekly empowerment meets & Q&A sessions to provide you ongoing support in your transformation journey. Talk directly to your coaches.

Holistic Transformation

Alive & Fearless Tribe gives you tools and the right BTEK to apply in all 5 areas of your life. Mind (Alive & Fearless), Body (Health On Autopilot) Parenting (Think Like Your Child), Marriage (Love & Relations) and Work (10X Career & Business)

You are not alone

When you read a book or watch a course, you are by yourself. Alive & Fearless Tribe gives you the support of coaches and tribe members to make sure you are not alone in the transformation journey.

Transformation Stories...

"I got my father back"

"I was not on talking terms with my father due to some conflicts, after completing the program I flew to meet my father and got my father back after 25 years. Thank you!"

Mr. Murtaza

Business Owner, UAE

"I walked over my fear"

"I walked over my fear and succeeded. I had a long time fear with dogs as I use to walk km away from them but now I have no longer that fear and now a dog can easily sit near to me" 

Mrs. Tasneem J

Teacher, Mumbai

"I had issues with anger"

"I had issues with anger since the time I can recall, everybody asked me to control, but no one said how? Alive & Fearless helped me change my mindset and also live life happily!


Training Consultant


What You Get In the Alive & Fearless Tribe?

1. Online Courses

Courses to help you update your BTEK in all areas of life and learn the new way...

 Worth INR 35,000/- 

Alive & Fearless

Learn the new way of thinking, feeling and achieving the results you want in any area of your life. Develop skills to manage and eliminate stress effectively.

Health On Autopilot

A healthy Mind needs a healthy Body to build a life and business you want. Learn how to stay healthy effortlessly and put your Health On Autopilot.

Think Like Your Child

Learn to connect With Your Child And Get Them To Listen To You. Handle Tantrums, Disrespect, Lying & Bad Habits, Academic Success, Relationships Issues And Important Life Skills.

Love & Relations

Increase Love, Connection & Intimacy With The Right Techniques To Enhance Understanding And Empathy. Resolve Conflicts In A Healthy Way. Work As Team To Build A Happy Healthy Family. Find and attarct the right soulmate and lifepartner.(Course coming soon)

10X Career & Business

How to select the right career and covert your passion into profit. The Businessman & his Business Mindset for the 10X Growth. Learn the 7-pillars of business development.

2. Weekly Empowermet Meets

Weekly online empowerment meets to keep the momentum going!

Worth INR 10,000/-

Ask Your Questions

Weekly meets gives you an opportunity to ask your questions directly to your coaches and resolve any doubts or challenges along your transformation journey.

Share Your Transformation

Transformation stories and shares of fellow tribe members inspires other members to break the chain and take action.

Ongoing Learning & Coaching

Weekly empowerment meets are a source of learning tools and strategies which helps you overcome daily life stresses and enjoy the journey.

3. Virtual Community

Connect and network with tribe memebrs who want to learn, grow and transform.

Worth INR 15,000/-

Get to know your tribe

Virtual community gives you access to all the fellow tribe members. The group of people who are on the journey of transformation.

Network and take support

Connect and netwrok with your tribe members vitually. You can even habgout with them if they are in your city or country.

Participate in daily challenges

Daily, monthly and yearly empowerment activities help you stay on track. Share your experience on the community and inspire fellow tribe members.

An Alive & Fearless Life Awaits You...

Join the amazing community of Alive & Fearless Individuals...  It's your life, don't settle for anything less than what you know you are capable of achieving!


Total Value: INR 60,000/-

FREE For 21 Days!

After 21 days, INR 997/- per month

These 21 Days can help you start the process of transformation required to build a life and business you love without compromising your happiness, health or identity.

you get:

online Courses
Weekly Virtual Empowerment Meets
Access to Alive & Fearless Tribe Online Community
Duration : 21 Days Free

No Card or Payment Required!

The Alive & Fearless Tribe Empowers You To...

START Doing the things that you 'truly want to do' with love, peace & happiness,
AND STOP Doing things 'people want you to do' which you regret
START Enjoying your work and look forward to working every Monday,
AND STOP Awaiting holidays or saying, 'Thank God It’s Friday'.
START Balancing your Personal Life, Health, Relationships & Finance,
AND STOP Making work your life and money your only goal.
START Expressing yourself confidently in front of people,
AND STOP Limiting yourself because you fear rejection or failure.
START Facing your fears and get the results you really want,
AND STOP Allowing fear to run and control your life.
START Living a life you love every single day,
AND STOP Surviving and waiting to die...

meet your coaches

A Note by Murtaza Badri

Life & Business Coach

Hi, when I was in my teenage years, I always questioned people when they told me what to do, what to think, how to behave. I thought about why I should live my life based on the environment and people around me. I observed that people who were broke, frustrated with life, struggling and living a mediocre life were advising me on how I should live my life and that was not working for me.

So, I began my journey into my personal transformation from being destined to a future which was already created for me by others to a dream that I dreamt of without any limitations of my past or my present.

Badri’s Life Transformation Academy Pvt. Ltd. was created for those who want to live life on your terms, who want to dream and see that dream come to life. I have gone through it, struggled, learnt and have succeeded, and I wish the same for you. I have put all my learning into a simple, structured & learnable format which anyone can learn and apply to achieve his/her dream.

I invite you to join us and experience the feeling of being Alive & Fearless in the pursuit of a life which you are capable of achieving. 

- Murtaza

To know more, visit

A Note by Murtaza Shakir

Health Coach

My mission is to help people stay healthy effortlessly, so their health does not become a hindrance in building a life and business they want.

In my teenage years, I was diagnosed with many physical illnesses which limited me from living my best life. I have overcome this hindrance, and I want other ambitious people to achieve the same.

The principles I share will not only help you stay healthy effortlessly but will also help you enjoy the journey and live the Alive & Fearless Way.

Health ON Autopilot is all about learning the time-tested healthy living principles without the complexities of modern-day science. Staying healthy should not consume your extra time, effort or money... it has to be effortless so that you can give all your efforts towards building a life and business you want.

The goal is to help you stay healthy - Until your last breath.

My humble request for you is not to settle or lose hope because of information overload and extreme healthy living methods. Give your body the gift of health by making it effortless so you can build a life and business you always wanted to.

To know more, visit

But how can I know if I am living the Alive & Fearless Way or not?

The answer is to check your levels of happiness, health and fulfillment.

We know how hard it is to pursue a life of excellence in the face of criticism, negativity, doubts and failures. That's why we have created Alive & Fearless to help you identify your true potential, overcome fear and create the results you want in all areas of your life.

When you commit to grow and take massive action towards a meaningful life, you start experiencing joy, fulfillment and excitement. You not only transform your life but also influence your family and friends to do the same.

We humans like to fit in and go with the crowd, but what if people around you are negative, not living a life they love, have a scarce mindset and are always worried about what could go wrong... rather than what's possible?

What are you going to do? How are you going to break free? How are you going to reach your full potential?

You need a fresh perspective of life and a new paradigm to redesign a new life... free from all limitations of your past... a life that you say is possible and we help you create.

Result is Measurable. Results are Apparent.

Your Questions Answered

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Well… the best way I would suggest is by asking yourself the following two questions:

 A) Are you an ambitious individual who wants to live a Happy, Healthy & Regret-Free Life?

B) Do you want more love, peace and happiness in life to enjoy your wealth & success?

If you answered "YES" to even one of the above questions and want to know how to begin… then you must take action and begin today! 

How much time do I have to invest daily?

You can start by watching online course videos which are 20-30 mins duration.  You can watch one video daily to start.

Apart from that, you can also join weekly meetings of 60 mins for Q&A and interaction.

You can choose how much time you want to invest in your learning, growth & transformation.

When does it start?

Because Alive & Fearless is an online program, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. Basically, it starts when you are ready!

What happens after I register?

You will receive email with your login details to access the course and the online community.

My team will reach out to you and take you through the onboarding process.

We respect your privacy and never spam.