ALIVE & fearless intensive

A ONE-DAY Event to Help You
Build A Life & Business You Love...
Without Compromising Your
Happiness, Health or Identity!

Alive & Fearless Is For Ambitious Individuals Who Want To Unleash Their True Potential, Overcome Fear And Get The Results They Desire!

HoW does it work?

To design a Life You Love and change your current life circumstances,  knowledge is not enough, you need an immersive environment. Alive & Fearless Intensive provides a Proven Process, Mindset Re-programming, Active Participation and Expert Mentorship!

Mind Upgrade 

We update our smart devices, but what about upgrading the software that runs our life? Our MIND. When was the last time you invested on your mind? 

We have created a new way of thinking, feeling & achieving results for the 21st century. The old way will help you survive, but to live an Alive & Fearless Life, you need to learn a new way and update your mindset.

Proven Process

From my personal life experience to thousands of people starting to live Alive & Fearless!

We have turned survival into living, existence into creating and fear into power!

Motivational videos are good, but once you learn a proven framework that gives results. You will have the power to unleash, create, build and live a life you want!

Health On Autopilot

Your body is the vehicle for your life. The only way you will be able to live an Alive & Fearless Life is with a healthy body. We'll help you automate the complexities of healthy living without spending insane amount of time, energy or money!

With your Health ON Autopilot, you can focus 100% on building a life and business you love.

Group Participation

It's hard to change your life surrounded by people who don't believe in personal development or have no ambition to change.

Meet your new tribe and network with them to build a community where you can share, learn and ask for support when needed...


I have done many programs in TATA, but I have not done such kind of a program in the past. This is altogether a different event because this is having a structured process, and this kind of process no one will teach you.

Mr. Balkrishna Kulkarni, Project Manager

Amazing program

Amazing program. It has changed my life. You will never come to know what life is actually about until you do this. Too good!

Rupal Sanghvi

Family Business Owner

I feel complete from within

This program helped me a lot to get open up in front of people. Actually express my emotions and get over my Fears. I feel an energy, condence and happiness. And I feel complete from within. Thank you so so somuch!

Dr Nupur Kanchan


A perfect gift for myself!

I did this training to find out tools and techniques to make my life better. After the training, I discovered what and how to live a better life. A perfect gift for myself!

Huzefa R

Software Engineer

What Makes The Alive & Fearless Intensive Different? 

The Alive & Fearless Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you to stop surviving, and instead, take charge of your life and create a life you love. Thousands of Individuals have begun to live a life they love rather than what others wanted or forced them to live. 

It's a step-by-step action oriented transformation process that will help you understand yourself better... so that you take your life in your hands and build it the way you want. 

Step by step process

The Alive & Fearless Intensive is a step-by-step action oriented transformation training program that will help you understand yourself better... so that you take your life in your hands and build it the way you want at your own pace, place and time!

Group Dynamics

When a group of people come together for a full day and work together as a team to learn, grow and interact... magic happens! You will participate in activities which are very easy, simple yet powerful eye openers to learning and development.

Commitment to Self learning & Development

We forget to do things which we know are good for us and our life... we want to do it, but distractions, other urgent things and life takes over. But when you commit your life and put everything aside... you will see transformation take place, possibility open up and new perspectives immerge!

But, how can I know if I am living the Alive & Fearless Way or not?

The answer is to check your levels of happiness, health and fulfillment.

We know how hard it is to pursue a life of excellence on the face of criticism, negativity, doubts and failures. That's why we have created Alive & Fearless to help you identify your true potential, overcome fear and create the results you want in all areas of your life.

When you commit to grow and take massive action towards a meaningful life, you start experiencing joy, fulfillment and excitement. You not only transform your life but also the lives of people you touch on a daily basis.

We, humans, like to fit in and go with the flow, but what if people around you are negative, not living a life they love, have a scarcity mindset and are always worried about what could go wrong... rather than could go right?

What are you going to do? How are you going to break free? How are you going to reach your full potential? How are you going to overcome your fear and anxiety?

You need a fresh perspective of life, a new paradigm, a new possibility to redesign and build a new life... free from all limitations of your past... free from all negative experiences and bad memories... a life that you say is possible and we help you create!

What Will You Learn In The Alive & Fearless Intensive?

Alive & Fearless Intensive is focused on helping ambitious individuals discover and connect with their true self to live a life they love and get the results they want. It helps members find the real cause of all their current life struggles and learn a proven solution for immediate implementation and results. You will not only take back full control of your life but also experience love, peace and happiness as you move forward towards creating and living an Alive & Fearless Life! 

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Identify the Real Problem!

Find the real problem and what is causing it. Most people spend their life time trying to solve the wrong problem... and wonder why they are not getting results

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Learn the Right Solution! 

Once you identify the real problem, you need to now learn the solution that can solve it. A wrong solution to a real problem will only give you more problems... So it's important you get this part right!

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Take Action

Finding the right solution is useless unless you take immediate action towards solving the problem. You will immediately start implementation and seeing results before the live event ends.

The Alive & Fearless Intensive Empowers You To...

START doing the things that you 'truly want to do' with love, peace & happiness,
STOP doing things 'people want you to do' which you regret later!
START enjoying your work and look forward to working every Monday,
STOP awaiting holidays or saying 'Thank God It’s Friday' !
START balancing your personal life, health, relationships & finance,
STOP Making work your life and money your only goal!
START expressing yourself confidently in front of people,
STOP limiting yourself because you fear rejection, judgement and failure!
START facing your fears and get the results you really want,
STOP allowing fear to run and control your life!
START living a life you love every single day,
STOP surviving and waiting to die...

A Note By Murtaza Badri

Hi, when I was in my teens, I always questioned people when they told me what to do, what to think, how to behave. I thought why should I live my life based on the environment and people around me. I observed that people, who were broke, frustrated with life, struggling and living a mediocre life were advising me on how I should live my life and that was not working for me!

So I began my journey into personal transformation from being destined to a future which was already created for me by others to a dream that I dreamt of without any limitations of my past or my present!

Badri’s Life Transformation Academy was created for those who want to live life on their terms, who want to dream big and see that dream come to life. I have gone through it, struggled, learnt and have succeeded, and I wish the same for you. I have put all my learning into a simple, structured & learnable format which anyone can learn and apply to build a life & business they love... without compromising their happiness, health or identity!

I invite you to join me  in a One-day live immersive experience to learn the new way of thinking, feeling and achieving a life you desire and deserve!

- Murtaza

An Alive & Fearless Life Awaits You...

Join the Tribe of Alive & Fearless Individuals... It's your life, don't settle for anything less than what you know you are capable of achieving!


VALUE INR 7200/ 
OFFER PRICE: INR 1100/- Only

Above fee includes one day training, course material & high tea.

DATE: Sunday, 4th June 2023
TIME : 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
VENUE : YMCA, Colaba, Mumbai.

Your Questions Answered

How do I know if Alive & Fearless Intensive is right for me?

Well… the best way I would suggest is by asking yourself the following two questions:

 Q1)  Do I want to build a life & business I love, without compromising my happiness, health or identity?

Q2) Do I want to live life without fear of poverty, fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of loss of love or fear of ill health?

If you answered "YES" to even one of the above questions… then this program is a perfect match for you!

What if I am not satisfied with the program?

At the end of the day,  if you are not 200% satisfied by what you have learned & experienced in the program, you are eligible for a 100% refund... No questions asked!

But I will say this... don't come with that mindset to judge and evaluate the training.  Come with trust and willingness to learn and grow.

Money can be earned, but time cannot.... so don't waste your life in survival mode or hopeless and helpless!

From our past experience, people who complete the program have gotten 10X their investment in the long run! 

When does the program start?

Immediately... The moment you register for the Alive & Fearless Intensive live event... you will get immediate access to the Alive & Fearless online course which you can start watching and begin your journey towards personal transformation. You can watch the entire online course before you participate in the live event for optimal output and results. 

Why does it have to be a full day?

We believe all good things take time... and when it come to self development, learning and making changes to ones mind, behavior and life... it takes time. Like Iron needs to reach a melting point before it can be moulded... it's the same with human beings. We need to reach a state of realization to begin the transformation... again this is just the beginning! Transformation is a life long journey!

Still Not Sure?

Call us on +91 7977256872 for more details!

meet your trainers:

Murtaza Badri

Life & Business Coach
Founder,  Badri's Life Trasnsformation Academy Pvt.Ltd.

A peak performance strategist, relationship expert and a Life Transformational speaker, Murtaza has impacted well over hundred thousand lives from different backgrounds, age groups, cultures around the world.

He has been privileged to be trained by internationally renowned names like Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Dr.Wayne Dyre, T.Harv Eker, Dr.Daniel Amen to name a few.

Murtaza  is a certified Fire-walk Instructor from (FIRE) Fire Institute of Research and Education, USA, and a certified Facilitator and Trainer from Carlton Advance Management Institute, USA. He is also a certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner and a Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner from ANLP, UK. Learn more at

Murtaza Shakir

Health Coach
Director, Heading Health Vertical  at Badri's Life Trasnsformation Academy Pvt.Ltd.

Over 10 years of experience in the field of holistic health and a Master’s degree in pharmaceuticals.

He believes in staying healthy effortlessly and helps people spend the least amount of time, energy or money on health. He aims to help people put their Health on Autopilot so they can give their 100% time and efforts on building a life and business they love. Learn more at

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